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Frequently asked questions

    How to identify my load requirements?

    Calculation of load requirements can easily be identified through our load calculator.
    Or you can call our team for a Site survey & Consultation.

    How much a Site Survey will cost me?

    Site Survey is a Free of cost survey that will help you identify your load requirements.

    How can I earn from Solar Energy?

    Under current laws of Pakistan, you can sell the surplus generated energy to your electricity provider through net metering. 

    What is are the different types of solar solutions?

    For a better understanding of solar solution types please click here.

    What are the services you are offering?

    To know more about our services please click here.

    10+ Years


    RCO Engineering is renown in the Market as an electrical solutions provider for almost 50 years. 

     For more than 10 years we are enabling our clients to generate cheaper electricity through solar solutions.